Your tax deductible donations can be made out to South Salem Presbyterian Church.  Checks can be mailed to P. O. Box 399 or you may drop it off at the church office located at the church building,  Your contribution is greatly appreciated and will help this church serve others in our community and around the world. Thank you!

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111 Spring Street, South Salem New York. 10590

Gifts of appreciated stock are another method of making a gift and a way to possibly avoid capital gains taxes. Stock may be donated electronically or stock certificates may be signed over to SOUTH SALEM PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH.

Securities Held by a Bank or Broker
If your securities are with a bank or broker, you can transfer your shares to SSPC by Depository Trust Company (DTC) wire by completing our Transfer Letter, and sending it to your broker and submitting a fax copy to our office at 914-763-9283. The securities cannot be sold until the donor has been identified. Also, we need your name and address for tax deduction and acknowledgement purposes).

Download Transfer Letter

Securities Held by You
If the physical certificates are in your possession, please call the office for instructions on delivering them to the SSPC account.

Planned Giving
Another way to make a gift to the South Salem Presbyterian Church  is to include SSPC in your will or name SSPC as a beneficiary of a revocable trust, retirement plan, or life insurance policy. A bequest is deductible for federal estate tax purposes. A bequest can be made by creating a new will, adding a codicil to your existing will, or naming SSPC as a beneficiary of a revocable trust, retirement plan, or life insurance policy.

The tax law permits people age 70½ and older to give up to $100,000 per year from their IRA directly to a charity and avoid paying income taxes on the money provided the gift is made before January 1, 2014. Regardless of age, there are many other options for donating to SSPC with beneficial tax consequences. Consult your attorney or tax advisor.