A very special school in South Salem since 1963 – We believe:

  • in a developmental approach to early childhood education because children develop at their own unique pace.
  • in an environment that fosters initiative, self-discipline and self-reliance.
  • that play is a child’s “work” and that it builds important foundations for future academic achievement.
  • that children learn from each other and must learn to respect others.
  • that self-esteem results when children are recognized and valued as unique individuals.

South Salem Nursery School

Contact us for more information:

South Salem Nursery School
P.O. Box 232, 111 Spring Street
South Salem, New York 10590

Phone: (914) 763-3560
Email:   ssns@southsalempc.org

What Makes our Program Special

South Salem Nursery School strives to have an excellent communication with families including holiday celebrations, open houses, curriculum nights, parent coffees, observation opportunities and one-on-one conferences.

There is an emphasis on kindergarten readiness as our staff works closely with the local districts to ensure that our students are well prepared for elementary school.

A Flexible schedule has been developed to meet the varying needs of the families in our community.

Exceptional Staff
Teachers are hand-picked for their love of children, and work as a team to provide multiple roll models and maximize faculty-student interaction.  All have many years of experience in the program and live within the local community.
Our teachers are NYS Certified or hold a degree in an appropriate educational background.
Each year our staff takes advantage of professional classes and seminars to continue to advance and grow in their knowledge of early childhood development, trends in preschool education and other health related issues.
Student to Staff Ratios are:
  • Two year olds: One teacher per 5 children.
  • Three year olds: One teacher per 6 children.
  • Four year olds: One teacher per 7 children.
Eligibility & Registrations

Priority is given to currently enrolled children.

New York State requires that a current medical report for each child be on file at the school prior to the first day of school. Special discounts apply for families with more than one child enrolled and church members.

There are special financial consideration for families with more than one child enrolled.

Registration forms available upon request.


Our facilities include large, open, sun-filled classrooms with separate art areas, child-friendly bathroom facilities and a developmentally appropriate fenced playground for active recreation and creative outdoor play.

Children can enjoy the changing seasonal colors and nature exploration on a quiet country property.

There is ample parking for drop off and pickup.

Making a volcano

The Two’s Program is designed to create an atmosphere of comfort and wonder in which your child can begin to learn the world. Since children thrive on routine that offers them security with variety, a daily schedule is followed with an appropriate developmental curriculum. Play is the most important activity of a young child’s development; therefore it is our main focus and teaching tool at this age.

The Three’s Program includes sharing and conversation time, stories, creative art activities, cognitive games that introduce early learning concepts, music and social interaction.

The Four’s Pre-Kindergarten Program
 is designed to expose children to the basic readiness skills necessary for kindergarten. It includes alphabet and number recognition, literacy development, problem solving, fine and gross motor activities, independence through positive self-esteem, pre-reading skills with phonemic awareness and socialization.