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Supporting People in Crisis: Supplies Collected and Sent to Puerto Rico

by South Salem Presbyterian Church

An Outpouring of Support for Those in Need!

Thanks go to Pastor Chip Andrus for inspiring this opportunity to respond to the urgent need in Puerto Rico. Our community opened it’s personal larders and within two days an outpouring of specified essentials overflowed in the lobby of the White Church on the Hill. Water bottles, diapers, wipes, batteries, flashlights were pickup from South Salem Presbyterian Church this morning and are on their way to a collection center. New York state is stepping up and collecting supplies to be shipped to the island via air. Our community making a difference, individually and together. As Pastor Chip would add, no doubt, “It’s all good!”.

2017 Memorial Day Fair Artist Spotlight: Martha Levites

Martha writes “Working in fabric brings out my more whimsical self.  I incorporate the artistry of the textile designer to create a piece that combines our talents and draws the viewer in with it’s color and texture.  While my paintings are less whimsical, I still like to achieve a sense of pattern and pleasing color.  My subjects vary, but color and pattern remain a constant.”


2017 Memorial Day Fair Artist Spotlight: Marc Loonan

Marc Loonan has been taking photographs ever since his father placed a camera in his hands when he was seven. Marc explains that “My subject criteria are as varied as life itself. I have found equal fascination with the petals of a flower, the warm light of a morning sunrise, or a segment of a mechanical device found rusting in a field. The beauty of a bird in flight might be today’s subject and the freshly fallen snow on a tree limb the next. The camera has allowed me to slow down, stop, and enjoy a moment in time that I might have otherwise passed by too quickly.”

 The images that Marc will have on display at the Memorial Day Fair were all captured and processed digitally. The inks, paper, and matting are all of archival quality. Do come see more of his work – you will enjoy his bird photos too — at the Fair, 10am to 3pm, Monday, May 29th, at 111 Spring St., South Salem, NY, the home of South Salem Presbyterian Church. We are particularly proud to showcase talented and creative neighbors like Marc Loonan.

2017 Memorial Day Fair Artist Spotlight: Beth Boyland

Beth Boyland is a Bedford, NY-based watercolor artist inspired by the beauty of farm animals and produce, particularly the heirloom variety. She paints vegetables and fruit grown & sold by farmers at local farm markets, often incorporating handwritten details about them into her art. She can be found at local farms taking photos of her subjects, and has been known to spend an hour or so with her camera in a chicken coop or a pig pen.

Beth sells limited edition giclee prints of her watercolor paintings. Sizes range from 5×7” to 12×12”. Printed on water color paper and individually signed & numbered, the prints are available both unframed, and framed in reclaimed barn wood. She also sells 5×7” greeting cards, tote bags & notebooks which feature her prints, along with a selection of 8×10 matted photographs.

Beth’s work can be seen in shops and eateries in Ridgefield, Pound Ridge, Katonah, Bedford Village, and Mt Kisco. Please see her website for more details, including a preview of her work:

Food, Faith, Fellowship and Fun

by South Salem Presbyterian Church

Each Wednesday in December at 6:00pm, we have Food, Faith, Fellowship and Fun.  We will be studying what the bible really says about Christmas.  Then at  7:30pm we will have candlelight services in the style of Taize and Celtic traditions; contemplative service with song, scripture and prayer.  It’s a beautiful atmosphere and a great spiritual respite during the busy holiday season.  

Everyone is welcome!  Please join us!

111 Spring Street, South Salem, New York




I will be leaving before dawn on Thursday morning to go and represent our church at the 222nd General Assembly in Portland, Oregon. I am the lead musician for the Office of the General Assembly and will be leading music for the entire assembly whenever they all meet together in plenary. You can live stream the Assembly proceeding by going to and following the links. There are links that will also give you all the information about the business before this year’s assembly. The item I am most connected to is the Proposed Revision of the Directory for Worship, as you all know. Please keep the whole assembly in your prayers during these intense days of discernment of God’s will for our denomination.

Rev. Andrus

SSPC 2016 Memorial Day Fair Artist Spotlight: Martha Levites

Martha Levites is a neighbor who will be featured in the “Artists, Authors, and Artisans” gallery of our updated fair. She will exhibit two forms of art. Martha has lived in Goldens Bridge since 1971.  For decades she was a teacher in Somers, retiring to her self-described “second life” as an artist.  Martha has formally studied figure drawing, pastels, oil painting, and learned quilting skills in workshops. With her quilts and other fabric art, Martha loves colors and fantasy, appealing to the “viewer’s imagination.”

By Billye Zoa Steinnagel


SSPC 2016 Memorial Day Fair Artist Spotlight: Kitchawan Woodcraft

Trench_1 Trench_3 Trench_4Bill Trench of Kitchawan Woodcraft writes: “After 35 years as a professional woodworker designing and building cabinets and furniture, in 2013 I decided to turn to the lathe where I could explore and utilize the natural beauty and features of the material. Getting away from the straight lines, perfect corners, and precise measurements, turning , for me, has no parameters other than what I discover within a chunk of a tree. All of the materials I use are locally sourced and I often look for those parts of the tree that have some sort of abnormal grain or even some state of decomposition or even insect ” damage”. I rarely know what the final form will be until I remove material from the spinning mass with my chisels like peeling the layers off of an onion. Although a large clear section of a log might beg to become a simple salad bowl, I am mostly fascinated by the smaller, gnarly pieces I find which often end up as something to be displayed and enjoyed as opposed to something useful.”

SSPC 2016 Memorial Day Fair Artist Spotlight: Emelie

Emelie Painting Macrocosmic Stained “Gas” by Emelie

“As a multi-faceted artist all of my life, I have searched for the moments and visions that reach into my brain, my heart and my soul and carry me to a place I’ve never been. When events and life on earth seem too ridiculous to fathom, I take a trip into outer space where the macrocosm mirrors the microcosm but doesn’t clutter the universe with ridiculous pollution (either verbal or physical.)  This painting could easily be a stained glass window, and perhaps that’s exactly what it is … but one that is a window into eternity.  It was inspired by a telescopic view of gasses millions of miles from earth.”