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SSPC 2016 Memorial Day Fair Artist Spotlight: Martha Levites

Levites Fabric Art

Martha Levites is a neighbor who will be featured in the “Artists, Authors, and Artisans” gallery of our updated fair. She will exhibit two forms of art. Martha has lived in Goldens Bridge since 1971.  For decades she was a teacher in Somers, retiring to her self-described “second life” as an artist.  Martha has formally studied figure drawing, pastels, oil painting, and learned quilting skills in workshops. With her quilts and other fabric art, Martha loves colors and fantasy, appealing to the “viewer’s imagination.”

By Billye Zoa Steinnagel


SSPC 2016 Memorial Day Fair Artist Spotlight: Kitchawan Woodcraft


Trench_1 Trench_3 Trench_4Bill Trench of Kitchawan Woodcraft writes: “After 35 years as a professional woodworker designing and building cabinets and furniture, in 2013 I decided to turn to the lathe where I could explore and utilize the natural beauty and features of the material. Getting away from the straight lines, perfect corners, and precise measurements, turning , for me, has no parameters other than what I discover within a chunk of a tree. All of the materials I use are locally sourced and I often look for those parts of the tree that have some sort of abnormal grain or even some state of decomposition or even insect ” damage”. I rarely know what the final form will be until I remove material from the spinning mass with my chisels like peeling the layers off of an onion. Although a large clear section of a log might beg to become a simple salad bowl, I am mostly fascinated by the smaller, gnarly pieces I find which often end up as something to be displayed and enjoyed as opposed to something useful.”

SSPC 2016 Memorial Day Fair Artist Spotlight: Emelie


Emelie Painting Macrocosmic Stained “Gas” by Emelie

“As a multi-faceted artist all of my life, I have searched for the moments and visions that reach into my brain, my heart and my soul and carry me to a place I’ve never been. When events and life on earth seem too ridiculous to fathom, I take a trip into outer space where the macrocosm mirrors the microcosm but doesn’t clutter the universe with ridiculous pollution (either verbal or physical.)  This painting could easily be a stained glass window, and perhaps that’s exactly what it is … but one that is a window into eternity.  It was inspired by a telescopic view of gasses millions of miles from earth.”


SSPC 2016 Memorial Day Fair Artist Spotlight: Jean Horend

kitty painting (4) Horend

Art and the Memorial Day Fair

Our new Fair focus is, as printed in earlier issues, local fine and applied arts.  One of the featured artists is Jean Horend, once active at SSPC.  Jean paints with oils, primarily landscapes, and has painted for twelve years.  She studies regularly with Bonnie Weber at Founder’s Hall in Ridgefield.  Jean describes her teacher and mentor as a fine painter who teaches the rudiments of painting, and “encourages her students to go their own way and develop their own style.”

The two paintings Jean will display at the Fair may embody the educational concept, and are titled Old Boats, and Feral Cats.  As a member of a local committee, Jean once helped to choose colors for painting the fellowship room.  She has come a long way from pastel latex flat!

Come to the Fair, and see.

Billye Zoa

boat painting (4) Horend


SSPC 2016 Memorial Day Fair Artist Spotlight: Marc Loonon


MarcBarnUnder the leadership of Jeanne Allen and her committee, the 2016 Fair has a new focus, the creativity of local artists, writers, and artisans.  Please come for this inaugural year for artistic displays of the talent of these men and women, our neighbors.  One featured artist is Marc Loonon, a photographer who had been taking pictures forever, at least since age 7.

He has also worked as a teacher of photography in several venues, including Teacher of Industrial Arts in NYC.

One of my favorite of Marc’s photographs is a black and white of a barn.  You will want to be at the Fair and judge for yourself.  Maybe check out the Dunk the Maiden or the Silent Auction?   I hope you will volunteer and be at the Fair on May 30, in the church and on the grounds, with some Race activity up near the town house and library.  Our small fair is a great small fair!

                                                                                                                     Billye Zoa

5K Turkey Trot Race results

by South Salem Presbyterian Church
Katherine Levine Overall Female Winner

Dear Runner:

Thanks everyone for joining us at the Lower Salem Turkey Trot. The weather was a perfect November day and both competitive runners and families joined to Kick Off the Thanksgiving Celebration.

Congrats to male runner Brendan Carrol of South Salem, NY finishing in first place with a time of 18:42:99 and female runner Kathrine Levine of Poundridge, NY with a first place time of 19:22:90.


Be sure to e-mail us with any corrections;

Thanks to Rob Cummings for taking great PHOTOS of the day. You can

Brendan Carrol Overall Male Winner

Brendan Carrol Overall Male Winner

Katherine Levine Overall Female Winner

Katherine Levine Overall Female Winner


THANKS to Cross River Wine Merchant for donating wine to our Top Winners. Please remember to support our local vendor this Holiday season; open seven days a week (including 12 to 5 on Sundays)!

Over 176 lbs of food was donated for Thanksgiving meals to the Community Center of Northern Westchester; thank you to Turkey Trot runners and members of SSPC for this special holiday drive!

Thanks to everyone for joining us and please spread the word for next year’s event!

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Deborah Buscema and Robyn Musicant
Co-Race Directors

PS – We can only get better with your feedback, please e-mail us at

Lower Salem Turkey Trot: 5K Run & Walk

by South Salem Presbyterian Church

Dear Runner:

It is November; just weeks from Thanksgiving!

To celebrate the season the South Salem Presbyterian Church is hosting the Lower Salem Turkey Trot 5K Run and Walk on Saturday November 21st.

In spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday a portion of the race proceeds will benefit the Community Center of Northern Westchester. We are also requesting for each runner to bring a Thanksgiving themed canned item as an additional donation.

So burn off some pre-holiday calories and come out for the Lower Salem Turkey Trot!

Gobble! Gobble!
Deborah Buscema
Race Director
The Race Course
Click here for the Course

We have certifed our race course!
The course starts and ends at the South Salem Presbyterian Church, 111 Spring Street.
Award Categories

Bring out the Entire Family
Awards provided to Overall Winners 1st, 2nd, 3rd Male/Female and in the following age categories:

8 and under, 9 – 10, 11 – 12. 13- 14, 15 – 18, 19 – 29, 30 – 39, 40 – 49, 50 – 59, 60 – 69, 70 and over.
Awards ceremony following end of 5K race.
Results posted online and hard copy posted in Church.HISTORICAL CELEBRATION


Following the trot stay for a bit and enjoy learning more about our town and “the while church on the hill.”  The historical celebration will include guided tours of the cemetery (on the New York State Register of Historic Places), hear about the fire that destroyed the Church as well as period reenactments. Additionally, a number of documents and photos from the archives will be on display, including Reverend Solomon Mead’s sermons, early baptismal, marriage and death certificates.Details

2015 Memorial Day Race Results

Dear Runner: Thanks for joining us today!  We hope you enjoyed your race.
Wow!  Four new course records.
Congratulations to the following runners:



GRACE MORIARTY 6.25 female

You can pick up your awards at the South Salem Presbyterian Church office from 10am – 1pm Monday to Thursday during office hours, or call to make arrangements.

If you pre-registered and did not get to run, you can pick up your race packet in the office as well.

You can also call the Church about any lost and found items 914-763-9282.    

Please feel free to e-mail us at with any questions or comments.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, they provide for all of the shirts, ribbons and rewards.  Also with water and carbs at the finish line.

Appreciation to all the Forever Fund volunteers; this big day could not happen without their effort!

And  thank you to all runners for starting your Memorial Day celebration with us!

Deborah Buscema and Rebekah Habinowski
Race Directors
2015 South Salem Memorial Day Races

Race Newsletter 2015

2015 South Salem Memorial Day Races MAY 2015

Dear Runner:

When you are training for the South Salem races in the upcoming weeks, here is some inspiration for your practice runs this month.


Tommy Delaney 16.50 in 2010
Catherine Wolden 19:35 in 2012



Tommy Delaney 35:52 in 2014
Catherine Wolden 40.29 in 2011


Challenge (5K & 10K combined) 

David Mitzi 56:52 in 2010
Catherine Wolden 1:00:32 in 2011

Mile Fun Run

Xan Henrich 6;05

Kennedy Kreutzer 6:47

And if you are setting new records behind the wheel check out the traffic advice below from sponsor and South Salem veteran runner Michael Altholz.


Another record, this year teachers Jay Briggs and Michelle DeMarco from Meadow Pond Elementary have over 50+ 2nd and 3rd graders that are training on Tuesdays and Thursdays to get ready for the 5K and Mile Fun Run. Last year they had 25 runners in the Fun Run Club.  These teachers have inspired more youth to run the 5K this year.

 Also, we have a repeat of Dr. Carol Gamez’s article on tips for us to consider in caring for our pets during the upcoming seasonal heat, due to a text glitch on the ending..  

On-line registration for 2015 South Salem Memorial Day Races is now active!   Click Here To Register.    


Please feel free to e-mail us at with any questions or comments. 


Look forward to seeing you on Memorial Day!
Deborah Buscema and Rebekah Habinowski

Race Directors

2015 South Salem Memorial Day Races

Off Course  Advice

As a local resident and Traffic Attorney, you may have noticed an increasing number of summonses being issued in our area. More tickets are being written especially for speeding and cell phone violations.

My firm represents drivers that have received traffic summons throughout New York State. Our attorneys can appear on your behalf,


The Law Firm of Mandel & Altholz may be able to save you considerable points, fines, suspensions and costly insurance surcharges.

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Let our courteous and knowledgeable staff help you with any traffic summons that you receive. You may also email me directly at


Dogs love being outside too

Warm Weather Tips For Your Dog

Spring is finally here and we are all anxious to enjoy some warmer weather. Like all of us, thereis nothing better than getting outside to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Dogs love being outsidetoo. Get them outdoors so they can soak up the warm rays of the sun. Direct sunlight is fine foryour dog just as if you were mowing the lawn. However avoid prolonged exposure if the temperature outside is extremely hot. A dog can quickly develop heat stroke. Their normal body temperature is 102 F so it doesn’t take much for them to overheat.

Here are some warm weather tips:


1. In fair skinned dogs or those with little pigment on their snouts, I recommend using baby
sunblock to protect the top of the snout from getting sunburned. Apply before taking outside

for prolonged outdoor exposure.

2. In breeds with the short faces such a pugs and bull dogs, limit their time in the sun so they

don’t overheat. Short face dogs a.k.a. brachycephalic breeds are more predisposed to heatstroke  because they simply can’t pant well enough to keep themselves cool.

3. Dogs that are on certain eye medications may need to wear “doggles” to protect their sensitive eyes from the sun.

4. Never leave your dog or any pet in the car on a hot day. If you are hot, then they are hotteras their body temperature is much higher than ours. It only takes minutes for this to becomes a life threatening emergency.

5. Running or jogging on a hot day is not recommended for your dog. The pavement can burn their pads and they can easily develop heat exhaustion. To quickly cool off a pet. Soak their feet in cool water. Wet their fur with water and turn on a fan. Seek veterinary care immediately,

Dr. Carol Gamez

Georgetown Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Gamez at the
2014 South Salem Races


Join our 2015  Sponsors
Thank you the final list for 2015 sponsors.  This year our sponsors will be displayed in the back of our shirts with their logos.    
Bagel Nosh in Cross River
Bedford Sportsman
Body Back
Church Tavern Biathalon
Corporate FunRun 
Cross River Wine Merchant
Gossetts Nursery
Oakridge Farmers
Houlihan & Lawrence
Law offices Murphy & Associate
Nancy Hogan
The NeuGroup
North East Westchester Domestic Abuse Alliance
 Paul’s Pharmacy
Ridgefield Running Company 
Ridgefield School of Dance
Scott’s Corner Market 
South Salem Nursery School
The Soulias Family
State Farm Insurance Companies, Katonah

World Champion Taekwondo of Ridgefield


Please be sure to thank our local business and family sponsors.

Sponsored Charity
Forever Fund Logo
Molly, Age 10
Gregory, Age 8



To honor and support the memory of  two former Pee Wee racers we have  selected the Forever Molly & Gregory Fund (“The Fund”) to receive 10% of each registration fee.  The Fund was established in partnership with the Katonah Lewisboro Foundation in memory of  Molly, Gregory and their mother Amy Friedlander.


 “The Fund will support the pursuits closest to Amy, Molly and Gregory’s hearts in the areas of academic, athletic and artistic achievement,” said Lisa Cohen, Co-Founder of the Fund, “Grants will be awarded within the Katonah-Lewisboro community to support programs or purchase equipment, supplies and services that will enrich the lives of Molly’s and Gregory’s classmates and teammates. It is through this Fund that Molly and Gregory will continue to spread their wondrous joy, kindness and compassion for others while making an everlasting impact on the lives of those who were touched by them.” 

There will also be a Forever Molly and Gregory Fund table at the races and the Memorial Day Fair.  Be sure to stop by and learn more about this local charity. 

The Main Events – 10 K, 5K and Challenge
We offer different events based upon how hard you want to Challenge yourself!
Both the 10K and 5K events offer a run by Lake Truesdale and surrounding roads.  Strollers are welcome in the 5K.  Sorry no pets allowed for either the 5K or 10K events.   Water stations are placed every mile throughout the race and offered by our local neighbors.  Trophies awarded to the top male and female for each event as well as to top runners by age group.  All events are held ranin or shine. 

Check out the Course Maps

For the 6th year we offer the Challenge Run, run both the 5K and 10K and we will combine your scores to see who the top runners are in this overall event.  With awards for top male and female runners.
Be green and save by registering on-line.  Fees are as follows:
10K  $35
5K    $35
Challenge    $45.00
A processing fee is also applied. 

Mile Fun Run


mile run 2014
Kids find out how fast they can run a Mile! 
(Photo Rob Cummings).

The Mile Fun Run is recommended for children ages 8 – 12;  However, with parent consent younger ages are welcome to give it a try!.  Youth start at the Lewisboro Library and run North to Gilbert Street and back.  This event is timed with awards given in 12U, 10U and 8U categories.  All children receive a festive ribbon for their efforts!  The Mile Fun Run starts at 10:45,  On-line registration fee is $15.00 for this event plus a processing fee.

The Ever Popular Pee Wee Races
The Grand Finale of Our Events!
Pee Wee Racers


To inspire our future runners, we offer Pee Wee Races for 2 – 8 year olds.  On-line registration fee is $15.00 for this event plus processing fee. Each child receives a t-shirt and official race number, just like Mom and Dad. The Pee Wee races take place just after the Mile Fun Run with the race course right in front of the library. Each age is separated into their own group.  Every runner receives a ribbon as
they cross the finish line with the crowd cheering them on! 
These races are not timed and consist of 25 to 50 yard dashes.  Pee Wee races follow the Mile Fun Run and start around 11:00 a.m.  They finish with plenty of time to get a seat for the town parade!

Memorial Day Fair: Vendor Opportunities


After the races, be sure to head down the street to South Salem Presbyterian Church’s Memorial Day Fair.  Activities for all ages including live bands following the Town Parade.

There is also an opportunity for non-profit organizations (no charge) and vendors to rent a table.  If you are interested check out the vendor flyer.   .

About Us
The South Salem Memorial Day Races and Fair are hosted by the South Salem Presbyterian Church.  Visit our Website!
In This Issue

Be Green and Save $$
and register on-line.
Online registration ends May 21st by midnight, 2015

Sat, May 23rd
Race Packet Pick-Up
9:00 – 11:00 a.m.
S.S.Presbyterian Church
Sun May 24th
Race Packet Pick-Up
3:30 – 5:00 p.m.
S.S. Presbyterian Church
Memorial Day, May 25th
7:00 a.m. Race Day Registration
8:00 a.m. 10K Start
9:30 a.m. 5K Start
10:45 a.m. Mile Fun Run
11:05 a.m. Pee Wee
Trophies / Ribbons awarded after each event.  
Times posted for 10K, 5K and Challenge at the Town Hall and after 12:00 p.m. at SS Presbyterian Church.
Events held rain or shine.

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Thank Our Sponsors!

State Farm Sponsor

Many of our Sponsors are avid runners too.  Veteran sponsor Mike Berandino of StateFarm Insurance, Katonah  runs the 5K each year.  You will also find Mike at the finish line handing out waters!  Thanks Mike for your continued support of the races and good luck with your run this year!


Standing on the Sidelines?
We need your help!  It takes a lot of volunteers to help pull off a successful race day.  There are a lot of activites that take place before race day itself; from staking the race course to packing race totes. Even on race day we need help handing our shirts and water to runners. Please e-mail us at if you can lend us a hand before or on race day. 


“Running is not, as it so often seems, only about what you did in your last race or about how many miles you ran last week. It is, in a much more important way, about community, about appreciating all the miles run by other runners, too.”
–Richard O’Brien