S.H.O.W. Youth Group

By Brandon Buscema

The S.H.O.W. (Students Helping Our World) Youth Group includes kids of all faiths, from middle school to high school in the Lewisboro community (and CT) striving to make a difference in today’s world. These kids dedicate their time and effort to people who need help both locally and abroad. The youth group has events such as: The Annual Souper Bowl Competition, Quest for Peace, Clothing Drive for Appalachia and The Bedford Correctional Facility Toy Drive.

The Souper Bowl is a fun competition between local Churches led by the youth. Members donate food to give to The Community Center of Northern Westchester and the winner is determined by most donations in weight. The winning church is awarded with the coveted Souper Bowl Trophy which remains in that Church until the following year.

The Quest for Peace event is where the youth group get fellow students to donate used school supplies to Nicaraguans. The youth group collects the supplies from local schools, sorts the donations and packs them to be shipped to Nicaragua.

The Clothing Drive for Appalachia is where the youth collect gently used clothes to give to people in need for winter in Appalachia.
The Bedford Correctional Facility Toy Drive is another youth led opportunity that supports mothers and grandmothers that are in the local Correctional Facility to give holiday and birthday presents to their children.

Throughout the year the S.H.O.W youth group hosts lots of local events to help our community. They bake cookies and meals then deliver them to local church members and neighbors in need of extra cheer. The group also hosts an annual Christmas Carol.

The youth also do lots of social events such as, spending a few hours at an indoor trampoline park, going bowling and relaxing around a bonfire.

As the kids have busy lives and many other activities, youth group events are held locally for ease of convenience and to get as many kids involved with these projects. This youth group is a chance for local kids to help our community and our world to become a better place.

If you’re interested at all with joining our youth group or want to participate in an upcoming activity, please email our church office@southsalempc.org.